How We Travel

The Size of our pocket sometimes decides how we travel, but not in all cases. There are locations where we just have to make do with what is available. Factors peculiar to different enviroment can contirbute to how transport operators  decide the besy buy.  Take for example, A village with a terrible road or just a path such as the picture shown below will have to make do with motocycles or bicycles as a means for getting form point A to point B.

Bad road

If you have to travel to a village with such a bad road and there are no other options available, you are stuck with what you get. Comfort is not a consideration, time is inconsequential, safety is carefully considered though not always adequate. This is what you get and in most cases they get the job done. 

Motocycle, okada


With Motocycles, popular known as OKADA, what you see is mostly what you get. There isn't much comparison here, in most cases the charge is fair and relatively the same. They are in the villages, small towns and cities where there is traffic congestions. They seem to be a faster transportation alternative. Most of the operators/riders are not trained and tested in this part of the world, it is much easier to operate a motor without proper training and test. Next time you decide to jump on one of these rides, consider a risk assessment. Safety first!


Think about cars and buses, the SUVs, the Jeeps, Saloons, Wagoons and Coaster buses. When in good condition, they all provide comfort and every other extra value associated with each of them. Depending on how you choose to travel, there are multiple options in the market. As a private you get to choose precisley that car which tick all the boxes for you, sometimes beauty can be deceptive so it is wise to get an expert opinion before you make the purchase. Commercial vehicle owners dont have much of a personal say in the type of cars they buy. There is always a trend, a particluar make and brand that does the job. For those of us that still travel commercial sometimes if not all the time, we are going to be comparing the services offered by the on-demand taxi companies and  inter state commercial buses, the charges per same trip. To view our comparison click the button below and if you have an opinion, you can drop us a mail here:


Using commercial airlines in Nigeria comes with a lot of hassles. Talk about the pricing, the taxations which contirbutes a chunk to the rates we pay, the delays, the cancellation, the baggage handling, the poor and sometimes terrible customer services. There is a lot going on in the market. However when compared to recent past, there has been a great improvement in the area of safety, most aircraft are now safer to fly. The booking system also improved and they all cover most of the major city and state capitals in the country. In most cases direct booking with the airlines is still the cheapest way to get your ticket and also ensure that your seat is guaranted. You also get to choose your preffered seat, just as it is with the commercial buses (This is a new trend in that market). If you are like us! getting the best deal is a no brainier, hence we are comparing the flight rates as it is offered by the airlines without a third party price hike. If you have an opion, stopby here:

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