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This service allows you to shop around without leaving the comfort of your seat. If you have a quote for any product or service you intend to buy, Our Procurement team can help you shop around in the market and get you a better deal or price. All you have to do is to complete the form below and a member of our team will get in touch with you. It doesnt matter how many times we’ve given you a lesser price…….you can come again and again for another beat down! We don't just get it for less, we also help you secure the product/service for a minimum number of days.

Terms & Condition

We charge 25% of the price difference. i.e if you give us a benchmark of N2000 and we are able to find the same item or service for NGN1000. Our charge will be 25%(NGN2000 - NGN1000) = NGN250. Every Compare Price Market request is valid for 7 days maximum after we issue a refference number. Confirmed search result, product guarantee and vendor detail are not shared until our fees are paid. Charges & fees cannot be confirmed until we have a compare price market quote.

Vendor details, product gurantee and search result are shared only when payment is confirmed via bank transfer. If we are un-able to confirm your payment in good time, and the vendor changes price before you contact them, We are laible to refund your money.

Should the priced item/service differ from what you described, we are also laible to refund your money.

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